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Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Cookie stuffed with Marshmallow

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Created for you by @wendykou


MADE by Wendy started with Wendy Kou’s inspiration to take ordinary desserts to the extraordinary by sharing her creations on her My Dessert Diet blog, along with photos of the sensational desserts on her Instagram @wendykou.

She has a cookbook, Colossal Cookies (releasing December 2018), that is focused on her out-of-this-world giant stuffed cookies, and she’s now sharing these incredible cookies with the NYC area.


It all started when…

I wanted to be a little funny one day. I have my husband to thank for this, who has also reaped the benefits from my love for baking and of course, cookies, and he reminded me that I was “trying to be on a diet.” Well… diets don’t work so well for me, so hence my blog My Dessert Diet (because I absolutely love sweets!). One Sunday morning (my Sundays are my baking days), I was baking cookies, and made a bet with my husband that I will just have one cookie. He quickly agreed, without thinking twice and then I was off… making two cookies, but not just any kind of cookie, but in fact, one colossal cookie for myself and one regular-sized cookie for him. HA. The joke was on him.

After the two cookies came fresh out of the oven, he quickly ran over to keep me honest to the bet, but then found out that I had decided to bake one massive cookie for myself that was bigger than my head and weighing more than 3 pounds. Ha, so, of course I won, but that was the sweet moment that this incredible cookie was born.

From there on out, I got more creative and started to stuff them, which really made it that much better and creates that fun element of surprise that I just love and cannot get enough of. One of my favorite parts is breaking open the cookies to see the beautiful layer of stuffing inside and hope that you will enjoy the same thing too!

His and Hers cookies (His is on the left and Hers is on the right)

His and Hers cookies (His is on the left and Hers is on the right)

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